Electric Cars by Range [Infographic]

Let’s say that you’re considering buying one of the top electric cars available. You want to support the planet. Good for you! But, then, the worry sets in something salesmen call electric car range anxiety. You’re suddenly worried about the number of charging stations and the distance of your commute. How far do electric cars go? What if you get trapped somewhere without a plug? And which electric car has the longest range?

We’ve created this visual electric car range comparison to show exactly how far these vehicles will go and how long you’ll have to charge them before they can travel again. As of 2017, the cars with the longest range have been made by Tesla. Car range might be only one factor to consider along with costs and number of passengers, but our electric car range comparison should help you understand what often worries buyers the most. In the end, though, it’s important to remember that 90% of all household trips in the U.S. are within 100 miles, so the range of electric cars might not be as big a factor as you think! Calculate your own commute to see whether you need the longest range electric car, which is the Tesla Model S, or if your needs would be met with the much cheaper Nissan Leaf.

Electric Vehicles By Range

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