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Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales and Usage
Around The World
October 4, 2017

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are steering countries towards more sustainable futures. Each kilowatt hour of battery capacity in use displaces up to 50 U.S. gallons of petroleum annually. One of the primary barriers that prevent people from embracing this technology is range anxiety or the fear of being stranded when the battery depletes. Fortunately, the latest hybrid models have the capacity of driving approximately 31 miles (50 km) on the battery alone before switching to petroleum. For plug-in electric vehicles, or PEVs, the range is around an average of 100 miles per charge and climbing! This makes them ideal for daily commutes and will become more and more feasible for all uses as more plug-in stations emerge, and battery technology continues to improve. This infographic presents data on how the global community is harnessing hybrid vehicle technology for a cleaner future. Do you believe it is inevitable that electric vehicles will become the most common cars on the road one day?

electric vehicle sales usage around the world illustration
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales and Usage Around the World - - Infographic" title="Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales and Usage Around the World - - Infographic"></a><br><a href="" alt="" title="">By</a>
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