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Brain Games for Kids At Home and On The Road
Parents will like them too!
May 22, 2017

Playing Games inside on a rainy day or while in the car helps pass the time. Help pass the time in a smart and educational way by discovering the dozens of games that can be enjoyed as much as the commercial boxed variety. What’s more, these 20 are fun and educational too and most can be played anywhere? All you need is the power of your own brain and a little bit of imagination. This kind of game will make you smarter, but it can also make you laugh, too! Print out the Infographic and take it with you for reference!

20 Road Trip Games for Kids


Brain games are special kinds of games that exercise your mind while you play. This is when a deck of cards containing pairs of images or shapes is spread out face down in front of the player, so only the backs of the cards are visible. The object of the game is to flip over two cards at a time and try to find the matching images. There are other brain games that can be played without any cards at all, making them perfect for car trips.  You can make a memory game be about whatever you like. The main challenge is to try and remember everything correctly. These aren’t the only kind of brain games out there, either. Many popular board games are actually brain games because players have to use their memory or problem-solving skills to win.

Memory Games

  1. Memory Solitaire
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. Short-Term Memory Test
  4. Memory and Attention Training Game
  5. Simon: Memory Game
  6. Do You Have a Photographic Memory?
  7. Wild Kratts Animal Match
  8. The Split Brain Experiments
  9. The Amazing Spelling Fleas
  10. FBI Matching Game
  1. Match Attack: Spanish Challenge

I Spy and Can you Find the Difference

  1. Concentration Challenge
  2. Spot the Differences
  3. All Mixed Up
  4. Pet Detective
  5. License Plates

Riddles and Brainteasers

  1. Not-So-Hard Riddles
  2. Energy Riddles
  3. Firefly Code-Cracker
  4. The Stolen Secret Code
  5. Visual Brainteasers (PDF)
  6. Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions (PDF)
  7. Delightfully Cheesy Riddles
  8. Sea Riddles
  9. Riddles for Winter (PDF)
  10. Liberty’s Kids: Riddle Riot
  1. Space Riddles
  2. Name that Show
  3. (PDF)
  4. Dog Treats Brain-Teaser

Classic Favorites

  1. Car Window Bingo(PDF)
  2. Team Storytelling
  3. Word Chain
  4. Who Am I?
  5. Tic Tac Toe
  6. Hang Man
  7. 20 Questions
  8. What’s Your Favorite

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