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How Much Salary By State is Needed to Buy a Home?
Imagine having to bring home $113.5K a year to afford a home?
May 22, 2017

$40,000 salary in Detroit should suffice, but $150,000 in San Francisco is not quite enough…This infographic details home costs per major metropolitan area across the US.

A report released by, a mortgage advisory website based this on the premise that 28% of incomes would go towards a monthly mortgage payment, and also allowed for a 20% down payment, the national average. Thankfully mortgage payments span over a 30 year period. However, the down payment is due right away, before closing and needs immediate consideration if you are actively looking to buy a home. What you might not know, but should is that the down payment source is a sticky subject with lenders. Many sources do not qualify by the lender. While some people are “gifted” the down payment from a family member, and others are lucky enough to qualify for a no-down-payment loan, most find it difficult to come up with the traditional 20% down payment. FHA Mortgages, although considred a low-down-payment mortgage, at only 3.5%, still will run about $3,000 – $8,000 upfront and most loans do not qualify as a down payment source, except for asset-backed loans such as a Title Loan. If you own your vehicle (auto or motorcycle) you could qualify for a Title Loan. Find out how to get a Title Loan with an easy online approval process and often same day cash at Title Pro.

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