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Top 10 Frugal Ways to Spend your Tax Refund
Along with 6 Common Frivolous Uses...
May 22, 2017

Like millions of Americans each year, a tax refund on average is in and around $3,000? It won’t make you rich, but still, found money is great money, you worked for it, earned it, and $1000’s of it is great news! if used wisely, can help build up your assets, and make life improvements that last. If spent frivolously can be gone in a few hours….

Tax Refund Uses 2017 Title pro Loans

Here are 10 options to make good use of your hard-earned tax refund

  1. Emergency fund savings
  2. Pay off debt (credit cards and loans)
  3. Pay off your car or start a car fund
  4. Home Maintenance
  5. Pay ahead on your mortgage
  6. Fund an individual retirement account
  7. Add Life Insurance
  8. Give to your favorite charity
  9. Pay off college loans

6 Frivolous Ways to Use your Tax Refund

  1. Do not go on a shopping spree.
  2. Do not increase the frequency of your regular spending activities.
  3. Do not get a new car just because now you have enough for a down payment
  4. Put the check directly into a checking account to save – good intentions but little interest
  5. Loan it to family members. Didn’t you once do this before?
  6. Have a giant party.


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