Mobile, Alabama Title Loans

Mobile, Alabama, is a city with a lot to offer, from museums to festivals to outdoor activities. But it’s hard to enjoy all that your hometown has to offer if you are under a financial strain; after all, leisure activities are often the first expenses cut from tight budgets. Financial emergencies like a severe illness or death in the family, a sudden job loss, or the need for urgent home repairs can put a person in a position to need cash as soon as possible. Getting approved for bank loans in Mobile, AL, can take far too long to be of any use, but there is another way: Title Pro is here with a convenient and fast solution to your financial troubles.

When applying for a title loan, Mobile, AL, residents can use the title of their vehicle as collateral to secure a loan. Some title loan companies will take possession of your vehicle during the term of the loan, but not Title Pro: You will still have full use of your vehicle when you borrow with us. Our goal is to make the borrowing experience as convenient as possible for our customers. Your fiscal emergency has already caused you enough stress: Your lender shouldn’t make it worse.

To qualify for title loans, Mobile, AL, drivers must be 19 years old, possess a lien-free title to a vehicle that they own, be able to present a valid form of identification, and have a valid email address, phone number, and in order to get your money through electronic transfer, you will need an active checking account. We’ll also do a credit check, though you don’t need perfect credit to get a loan with us. Upon being approved for a title loan, Mobile, AL, borrowers will provide the necessary documents and get a loan with a 36-month repayment schedule, though there are no prepayment penalties if you want to pay off your loan sooner. Our loan amounts can range from $2,100 to $10,100 depending on factors including the value of your vehicle.

To apply, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your vehicle and provide some personal information to get an estimate of your car’s loan value. You will then need to talk to one of our customer service specialists so we can help you complete the application process and sign the necessary documents. We can offer you the options of completing this online or at a loan center near you. If we approve the loan, you take your cash and go along with your day. We will send the money immediately to your bank account or the cash via a Western Union near you. The Choice is yours. And we aim to make the repayment process convenient, too, by accepting various payment types, including a debit card, money order, or cashier’s check. If you need loans in Mobile, AL, Title Pro can satisfy your needs in a simple, straightforward way and provide the cash you need quickly and at competitive rates.

Title Pro is licensed under the Alabama Consumer Credit Act, so you when you need title loans, Mobile, AL, residents can be confident that we are a company you can trust. Borrowing has never been so straightforward or suited to your needs! Begin the application process online now to receive the cash you need as soon as today, or contact the Title Pro team with any questions: We want to make sure you understand the title loan process and invite you to contact us to ask any questions about your loan from start to finish. We are proud to serve the state of Alabama, and we hope you’ll let us serve you, too.

  • * Loan transactions completed before 4pm CST on the same business day may be eligible for same day funding.

    To qualify for a Title Pro loan, applicants must satisfy all Title Pro eligibility requirements including, without limitation, an unencumbered motor vehicle title, satisfactory vehicle appraisal, verifiable identity, a minimum satisfactory FICO® score, valid and verifiable email address, valid and verifiable bank account and, in some states, minimum verifiable income. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (19 in Alabama). Title Pro reserves the right to require all applicants to submit documentation to validate loan eligibility requirements. Available loan amounts, repayment periods and applicable finance charges vary by state and are governed by state law and the Title Pro loan agreement. Refer to the States and Fees page for further details on Title Pro’s licenses, available loan amounts, and loan pricing.

    Title Pro currently does business only in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, California, New Mexico, and Utah. If Title Pro is not able to approve you for a loan, or if you reside in a state where Title Pro does not currently do business, you may request Title Pro to refer you to another creditor who may be able to assist you with your credit needs.

    In South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, California, New Mexico, and Utah, all Title Pro loans have a contractual term of 36 months. Following is a representative example of a $3,500 Title Pro loan.

    In South Carolina, Title Pro makes motor vehicle title secured supervised loans authorized by the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, § 37-3-501 et seq.; Title Pro does not offer short-term vehicle secured loans as defined by South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, § 37-3-413.

    Loan Proceeds Title Fee (amt. varies by state) Finance Charge Payment Schedule+ 36 payments of: Total of Payments Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    $3,500 $15.00 $2,279.30 $160.96 $5,794.30 35.98%
  • + The loan example above assumes a monthly payment schedule with payments due on the same date of each month – actual monthly payment amounts and APRs may vary depending on the month and date of loan origination. The final scheduled payment amount typically differs from the standard payment amount.
  • - California customers: In California, the minimum loan amount is $2600. Loans are made by TMX Credit, Inc. d/b/a Title Pro, California Finance Lender Law License No. 603 J737. Refer to the States and Fees page for further details.

    The minimum contractual term of a Title Pro loan is 36 months, and the maximum contractual term of a Title Pro loan is 36 months. The maximum annual percentage rate (APR) for Title Pro loans is 35.99%.
  • - New Mexico Consumers: please see important New Mexico Consumer Information and Disclosures.
  • - Utah Consumers: please see Utah QUESTIONS or COMPLAINTS.
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